10,400 lb. Tandem Disc Brake Axle Trailer Kit

10,400 lb. Tandem Disc Brake Axle Trailer Kit

You have selected the 10,400 lb. tandem, electric/hydraulic actuated, disc brakes kit with sixteen inch ST23580R16E white spoke wheels and tires, a 2 5/16" ball A-frame 50° Bulldog Coupler, and matching Bulldog A-Frame Jack.  We have many different lengths of axles for your trailer.  We ask that you provide your desired outside frame width when placing your order.  Below is a complete bill of materials for the trailer kit you have selected.

Bill of materials for selected tandem 10,400 lb. trailer kit:

  • (2) 5,200 lb. trailer axles with Kodiak hydraulic disc brakes (Some assembly required)

  • (1) BrakeRiteSD electric/hydraulic actuator

  • (1) Stainless steel tandem axle hydraulic line kit

  • (4) Five leaf slipper 26 1/2" leaf springs

  • (2) 3" round u-bolt kit for 5,200 lb. axle including u-bolts, nuts, and plates

  • (1) Tandem hanger kit for 5,200 lb. axle including hangers, shackle bolts and nuts, and equalizers

  • (4) Sixteen inch ST23580R16E white spoke wheel and tire

  • (1) Trailer light kit including tail lights, clearance lights, license plate bracket, and wire with connection

  • (1) Bulldog 2 5/16" 50° A-frame coupler

  • (1) Bulldog A-frame jack

  • (2) Safety chains

  • (1) Double battery breakaway kit for electric/hydraulic actuators

  • (50) 18" x 2" reflective conspicuity tape strips

Part Number: ASINTDISCTNDM5205 | Total weight: 800 lb. |

This product qualifies for quantity discount pricing.
Your frame width will help us determine your axle length.
Please Specify Your Outside Frame Width (in 1" increments)
  • Straight Axles
  • None
  • White Spoke Wheels (included in kit)
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