Air Over Electric Brake Controllers

DirecLink Brake Controller
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DirecLink links with your tow vehicles's computer network and uses multiple data parameters in a prorietary way to create amazingly proportional trailer braking.
DirecLink automatically syncs to your tow vehicle just plug it in under your dash and let it do the configuration for you.  With the easy set-up method, just raise or lower the level of braking to your preference and you're ready to go.
Direclink maintains complete situational awarness because it continuously monitors your tow vehicle's computer network.  When you apply the brakes, it has a complete picture of what is happening.  DirecLink creates a non-linear braking curve to match the rapidly changing demands of your trailer brakes.  There is nothing else like it.
Works with: 1997 to Present Ford and GM vans, and SUVs.  2008 to present Nissan and Toyota trucks, vans, and SUVs.  New Freightliner 6 pin and 9 pin connector ($120 upgrade for Freightliner option)
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Hayes Air/Electric Brake Controller
Part Number K1100400C-278614
The air actuated electric trailer brake controller provides smooth brake actuation. The electric brakes on the trailer operate off of the air brake system of the tow vehicle. When the brake pedal is depressed, the application of the electric trailer brakes is proportional to the vehicle's brake pedal pressure. Comes with two way check valve, needed for installation.
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Price: $224.95
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